"Joan triumphs throughout."
(Marc Myers, JazzWax)

"He's heard many people but — hooray! — he sounds like himself."
(Michael Steinman, Jazz Lives)

"He sounds like a player of an earlier generation [but] the results never sound anything but brand new."
(Brian Priestley, Jazzwise)

"Sauqué is a serious scholar of his favourite music, an explorer of melodies with a definite approach."
(Fernando O. de Urbina, Easy Does It)

Joan Mar Sauqué

Gone With The Wind

As an art form where excellence is a long game, jazz may not be the most suitable endeavour for this day and age. Unless, of course, it is what you feel you have to do. This is the case for Sauqué, a man with a clear idea of what needs to be done.

(Fernando O. de Urbina, Easy Does It)